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Object of the General Conditions of the Store

These general conditions are intended to regulate the marketing of the online store “Cenas Da Beta” by Elisabete Vieira Raimundo, headquartered at Praça Latino Coelho nº 3.1º Esq. 2855-501, Corroios, Taxpayer nº182243036, herein after referred to as Cenas de Beta .

The Service consists of the availability, through the address Online that, in addition to providing information about a set of products, allows the User / Customer, by electronic means, to order the products disclosed there, under the terms and conditions described herein:

Material and product information

The store is intended for the sale of materials for decorative arts and craft products, such as miniature backdrops, miniatures, wood, frames and other decorative objects.

The Cenas da Beta store will do everything possible to have good information, product descriptions, both of the Cenas da Beta brand and other brands, as well as photographs that illustrate the products sold. The stock information is always correct and up to date, however, if any material or product is not available after the user / customer has placed the order, you will be notified as soon as possible by email or by phone and will see the following possibilities :

 - Cancel the order with the respective refund, if you have already made the respective payment.

- The exchange for another material or product.

-If there is a possibility of restocking the stock, wait until it becomes available.

All information about prices, products, specifications, promotional actions and services may be changed at any time by the Beta Scenes.

In addition to the items presented in the store, the Cenas da Beta brand performs personalized and bespoke works, which are considered special products, these products are made to order and the terms and prices will be agreed with the customer. 


Prices are in euros and include VAT at the legal rate in force.


The order of products must be made by Users aged 18 (eighteen) or older, and may be natural or legal persons, the purchase may be made as a registered customer or guest and may access the store through the means made available.

The elements and information transmitted are used to carry out the order and necessary delivery, recognizing the electronic purchases by the user, who cannot claim the lack of a signature for non-compliance with the assumed obligations.

The validation of the order is only carried out with the reading and acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

Once you complete the purchase, you will receive an automatic email confirming the transaction. If the order data is not correct, you should immediately request its change.

The user/customer will have 3 working days to pay for the order and from which the shipping and delivery deadlines begin, whether for available materials, orders, products or special products (made to measure and personalized) .

Order Cancellation

The order can be canceled and the money refunded, if you have already made the payment, with the exception of special products (made to measure or personalized) that are already in production.

Shipping and delivery

Orders will be shipped via carrier, the shipping cost will be shown in the shopping cart when ordering and depending on the location and the materials or products purchased.

The boxes are well packed and conditioned.

Upon receipt, the customer must check the packaging and communicate any eventuality at the time of signing the receipt.

Return (Right of Free Resolution) The User/customer may exercise the right of free resolution without requiring any compensation, within 30 (Thirty) days from the day on which the consumer acquires physical possession of the good. All special products (made-to-measure or personalized) are not accepted for returns unless they are defective. The package must be returned complete, as it was delivered and accompanied by all documentation received, including the original invoice. In the case of paints and other similar products, the packages cannot be opened. Upon receipt and verification of the return, the amount paid will be refunded. Shipping costs for returned items are borne by the user/Customer.


The user/customer may request the exchange of the product provided that all the above-described return conditions are maintained.

The value of the postage will only be refunded by the Beta Scenes in the following situations:

-The product shipped is not the product ordered

- The material or product has original defects

- If it has been damaged during transport and reported to the carrier.


The method of refunding the amount to be returned depends on the payment method used in the respective order.

If the material or product returned is not in the same condition as it was sent, it will be returned to the address and there will be no refund.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Cenas da Beta guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by Users.

Personal data identified in the order form as being mandatory are essential for the provision of the Service.

The omission or inaccuracy of the data provided by the User/client is their sole responsibility, and Beta Scenes may refuse the order.

The User's personal data will be processed and stored by computer and are intended to be used in the context of the business relationship with the User/customer.

Under applicable law, the User is guaranteed the right to access, rectify and update their personal data in their customer account.

The Internet is an open network, so the User's personal data, other personal information and all content hosted on the Service may circulate on the network at the risk of being accessible and used by unauthorized third parties for this purpose, and Cenas da Beta be held responsible for such access and/or misuse.

Suspension and deactivation of the Store Service

Regardless of any prior or subsequent communication, Beta Scenes may, at any time, and at its sole discretion, discontinue making the Service and or part of the Service available to one or all Users.

In the situations described above, Cenas da Beta will notify the User, in advance, so that the User can, if he wishes, safeguard the content of his order viewing area within 3 (three) business days from the sending of the email or making the information available on the main page of the Service.


Without prejudice to other forms of communication provided for in these General Conditions, notifications made to the User relating to the Service, including any changes to these General Conditions, may be made to the User's email address, by SMS or telephone contact .

The User accepts to receive any and all communication and/or notification related to the Online Store, to the address, telephone number and or email address (“e-mail”) indicated in the order process.

At any time, you can request not to receive these communications and/notifications through the Contact Form or through the option "Don't Receive the Newsletter".


The User may submit any contractual conflicts, to the arbitration and mediation mechanisms that are legally established, as well as complain to Cenas da Beta.

The claim must be submitted within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days from the knowledge of the facts by the User, being registered in the information systems of Cenas da Beta, which must decide the claim and notify the interested party within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) ) days from the date of receipt.

Applicable law

Everything not described in these general conditions is applicable to the current legislation.

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