I'm Elisabete, but I'm usually treated by Beta, I'm married, I have 3 children, 3 grandchildren and some pets……🐶🐱🐶🐱🐱

I was born in Lisbon, but now I live and work at the Seixal Council.

Since childhood, I have always liked manual work, I would entertain myself in a small garage workshop between my father's tools and my mother's threads and fabrics. I made little things for my dolls and the animals. And I've always had a passion for miniatures, collecting some.

After several years and working in a company where I have a work shop at my disposal, I decided to dedicate myself to creating things that I really enjoy doing.

In 2009, when my professional activity slowed down due to a crisis, I decided to start by making some decorative pieces to be able to sell. Due to my taste for miniatures, I started by making shadowbox with 1/12 scale miniatures, later I decided to make my own miniatures in a smaller scale that better adapted to the work I wanted to do.

In addition to the miniatures, he made other pieces for the kitchen, drinks, among others.

I felt the need to learn some more techniques, having done over the last few years workshops in cardboard, scrapbooking, fusing for jewelry, biscuit and attending some painting courses, which have helped me to evolve in the work I do.

I've also been trying to perfect the photographs to be able to show the pieces as they are through social networks and online store.

Despite already using the name CenasdaBeta on the blog and on the pages of social networks, it was in 2021 that I registered the brand in the nice 20-class classification - Furniture, mirrors, frames, ornaments and decorations, made in plaster, wax or wood. plastic…

You can see some works and information on our Blog


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Elisabete Vieira Leonardo Alves Raimundo


Address: Praça Latino Coelho nº 3.1º left.

2855-501 Corroios

Brand : Beta Scenes


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