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About me

Hello to everyone who visits my store!


For those who don't know me yet, my name is Elisabete, but many call me Beta.


In 2009, when I faced a period of slowdown in my professional activity due to a crisis, I decided to take the opportunity to bring an old dream to life: transforming my passion for manual work into a new work project.


This is how I took my first steps in creating decorative pieces. I started with small showcases adorned with miniatures, later, I made my own miniatures in wood, biscuit, fimo and other materials

In addition to selling the finished displays, I started selling pieces and kits for painting and decorating, it was at that moment that the opportunity arose to sell paints and other materials for decorative arts, in addition to being able to include a greater variety of decorated items, from accessories to babies to decorative pieces.


In addition to attending some fairs to sell my products, I created the online store, which has not been an easy task.


And to ensure that my work receives the recognition and protection it deserves, I registered the "Cenas da Beta" brand in 2021, consolidating my commitment to the quality and authenticity of my creations.


My goal is to evolve in what I like to do most!


To find out more about me and follow my work, I invite you to also visit my blog: Cenasdabeta.blogspot.comBlog Cenas da Beta


Thank you for your visit!

Elisabete (Beta)


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