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Turquoise Blue Matte Acrylic (501)

€ 2.40

(€ 0.04 ml)

Acrylic paint Azul Turquesa, 60 ml, Acrylic with matte finish.

Turquoise Blue

€ 2.40

(€ 0.04 ml)

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The matte acrylic paint, super coverage .


Indicated in handmade painting, in materials such as MDF, wood, Styrofoam ceramics, leather, plaster.

For materials such as glass, plastic and metals with a prior application of a primer for this purpose.


Fast drying

can be sanded

Excellent adhesion

ready to use

Colors miscible with each other


Although it does not require prior preparation for some surfaces, a primer can be used for porous surfaces such as wood, for smooth and difficult-to-adhere surfaces such as glass and metals, a primer for the effect will have to be used for paint adhesion.

For finishing and protecting the work, varnish or wax is used.

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